Are You a Romantic or a Realistic Girl?

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Are you a romantic or a realistic girl when it comes to your love life?

Do you find yourself obsessing about rings and already have planned your entire wedding since since the age of 12? or the thought about romance is great but your idea of the perfect relationship fits into your current lifestyle (sap free)?

Which describes you best?

The romantic:

Sunset couple


Your idea of love is straight out of a fairy tale. You enjoy harlequin books, you think a perfect Sunday should be spend riding a tandem bike, walking hand in hand the park or sharing a romantic picnic. You are looking for sparkles. Every day. All day.

You might have been described as needy in the past and it doesnt matter because you will make your dream relationship come true. You want it to happen exactly how you imagined it. Yet, you havent even thought about how you may handle it all. Its not a matter of IF it will happen but WHEN. Everything has been calculated for as long as you can remember and the only thing missing…is Mr. Right.
The realist:


Hands in the sand

The word “romance” alone makes you roll your eyes. You want someone real. Someone you can rely on. If this means drama and sappy-ness, you would much rather live life alone, adopt a dog and eat popcorn in your sweats watching an action movie. To you, “romance” Romance sounds like something people do when they have nothing going on in their relationship or they are trying to make up for something.

In your mind, love is real. Love is concrete. It is easily intertwined into your current lifestyle. Two lives becoming one. You are looking for someone that compliments your life not someone who completes you. You already feel complete. Candles, flowers, chocolate are nice but you don’t expect them and you certainly don’t need all that to know he’s the one. You need a stimulating relationship. Willpower. Someone who’s not afraid. Willing to go through it all with you no matter what life throws at you. You may also see marriage as a simple legal document. It’s just a paper. You are looking for a simple commitment (and action to back it up). That’s your idea of a perfect relationship. That’s all you truly need.


Can you see yourself in either of these relationship types? Which one are you?




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