Love means you show up…

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Love means you show up! Yeah…that’s right…I said it! What do I mean by that?

I am no expert but I have had my heart broken, stepped on and rolled over by a 12 wheeler a couple of times. I am still making sense of it all in my own way but I believe I went through the good, the bad and the ugly for a reason. Each time, I came out of it better, wiser and stronger. Essentially, I learned that love means you show up and you do the work. Not because it is forced upon you but because you want to, it feels good and you care. You care because this person means the world to you and to you this person is your world. I also learned that:

Love is letting all your expectations go and taking chances;

Love is respecting one another but mostly respecting yourself.

Love is knowing when to let go – accepting you are not good together no matter how much you love one another;

Love feels good and right like a pillow;

Love is a true commitment – It’s about giving it your best shot (clutter free, open closet and all);


Love is a collaboration – It’s learning to grow together and knowing when to make lemonade out of  lemons (with a twist of vodka of course);

Love is companionship – it is building a life together while complimenting each other;

Love feels easy and struggle free;

Love is having each-others back – you are a unit;

Love is giving your time and energy even after a long day’s work – you still find the strength to spend time with one another;

Love is that feeling you get in your stomach every time they cross your mind, talk to them or spend time together;

Love is acceptance – agree to disagree and accept your differences (even when you strongly believe you’re right);

Love is feeling secure about your relationship – there’s no need for reassurance because you trust each other in every way;


Love is caring in the smallest things – It is wondering what to bring home from the store just to get a smile;

Love is that comforting feeling when you get into his arms – feels like home every time your head presses against his chest;

Love is knowing that someone loves you with all your imperfections and your past mistakes;

Love is action – its about doing what you say you will do. It isn’t just a series of intense feelings and emotional roller coaster rides we tend to get addicted to;

Love is letting go of your past and moving forward by respect for yourself and for the sake of your relationship;

Love is the satisfaction of knowing that everything you went through in your past dating life was for this moment right here.


Love is patience – it is having gone through some pretty horrible dates, drinking cold coffees, crying buckets of tears, losing appetite and weight to finally one day wake up in his arms and never having to worry again.

Love finds you when you least expect it.

Love…because one day it’ll all make sense.


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