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MyselfDid you know that February 13th is international “Madly in love with me day”? 

Valentines Day is just around the corner but today is a day to love yourself! Before you can love anyone else…shouldn’t you love yourself first and foremost? So go ahead and try to make peace with something you don’t like about yourself. Maybe you don’t like the fact that you sound like your mother when something goes wrong? Maybe you are holding a grudge and its blocking you from moving forward? Maybe you wish you didn’t like money as much as you did? Maybe you don’t like your thighs?

Whatever it may be…let it go. Sit back, relax, pour yourself a drink and wonder: Is this stopping my personal growth? Is this blocking me from receiving blessings? or blocking me in my relationships with my friends? my family? with MYSELF?

To help you with this challenging task, I recommend the following:


  1. Look in the mirror and say: I LOOOOVE my (INSERT PROBLEM HERE);
  2. List what you don’t like;
  3. Acknowledge what you don’t like;
  4. Is it really that bad?
  5. See what you can fix on your own (seek help if need be);
  6. Remove all negativity from your brain (you can actually train your brain to think positively);

**Should you doubt and go back to your old ways…REPEAT steps 1 through 6.

Might sound easy to accomplish but, that’s my own personal remedy and for me it works. It may not work the first time and you will need time to adjust but…it works.

May this day show you the way to love ALL of you…just the way you are. – Sin

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