Happy Valentine’s Day! (Or not)

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Heart RockAaaah Valentine’s day – the one day of the year when it’s ok to be extra cheesy! ha! A day where it’s encouraged to smother your special someone with the deepest affection. Let’s be real….Is it really all worth the hype?

Here I am, 34 years old and I can literally count on a few fingers (not even a full hand) the number of times I have successfully celebrated Valentine’s day in a relationship. By successful, I mean, the grand slam of V-day, the ultimate mush, the straight out of a rom-com movie type of day. (With a boyfriend and not my mother! DUUUUUH!I)

Was it worth the hype? I don’t know if you ask me. Let me explain…

Celebrating with a boyfriend is really nice but so is sharing my mom’s chocolate box and flowers. I mean, as much as it is really nice to have some intimate time with my man, sweet talk all night over an impossible and expensive reservation…Its WINTER!!!!! it’s always freezing cold and I feel obligated to do something special just to demonstrate my love to him? REALLY? 

I just feel like I do that almost every day. I am not calling myself the ultimate girlfriend but I am quite thoughtful and very generous with my time, money and energy. So, shouldn’t LOVE DAY be EVERYDAY? and does it really have to be with your boyfriend? I say we redefine Cupid’s day and share it with our families and friends whom we might’ve neglected a little more then our significant other. Let it be the day we reiterate our love to our friends and family.

I say we redefine February 14th as a yearly reminder  of our love and appreciation for our loved ones. Let it be a day where we promise to be more attentive to our friends and families needs and vow to call, email or visit more often. Let it be a day where we wish upon a star to get and to give more love around us. 

You don’t need a specific day to tell your lover how much he/she means to you. Just make time for special moments. Enjoy the present. Create anniversaries for everything (just for an excuse to celebrate throughout the year). Celebrate your first kiss, the first time you made love, your first date, the first “I love you” and continue celebrating for however long you want. Laugh. Cry. Talk them out every time. Because not matter the day, the best moments are worth sharing with the people you love most. 


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