Are you happy?

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Are you happy?


I was enjoying my favorite latte and a muffin at this local coffee shop, listening to Erykah Badu, taking pleasure in the creamy roasted smells exuding from my coffee, the warmth coming out of the soft scarf around my neck, the crisp smell of fall just around the corner, the wind in my hair and…undeniably….people watching. I was happy in that moment. I felt whole, in control and complete. Then, I started reflecting on what I was grateful for in that instant:

  • My freedom: I have no responsibilities forcing me to do anything else then drink that coffee at a coffee shop right now.
  • Being able to afford this coffee: Not everyone can warrant paying $10+ for a latte and a muffin. I was grateful and a little bit proud.
  • Taking time to myself: I have the luxury of being selfish and taking time to myself. It was just me, myself and I.

I looked around and while I was in “grateful mode” I wondered: does everyone take the time to be grateful? Do you? Or are you so used to being unhappy and go along with whatever life throws at you that you forget to be grateful for the good things in your life? I am still learning but I try to be grateful every day.

I think, we often forget what we have accomplished; the choices we have made, the difficult ways we have taken to get there, the soul searching, the relentless path to getting to know ourselves and discovering our strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. We forget about the road we have taken because we only focus on our current problems.

The reality is: there will always be problems and issues to solve. We all went through difficult times yet we have made it…so why not focus on the good things we have already achieved? It’s not easy but it feels so much lighter to reflect on happy thoughts rather than to continuously focus on the next peak to climb.

Try that exercise and you too will see that you don’t measure happiness by the number of perfections in your life. You measure happiness by not focusing on the imperfections in your life.

Think about it. Do you wake up grateful? Do you take the time to be grateful? Do you always focus on what you want to change or what you consider imperfect?




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  1. Rim
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    Omg. This is EXACTLY what I needed to read! I’ve been too focused on all the things going wrong in my life lately and completely forgot to remember all the positives I have going on… Thank-you so much for this Cherie! Xoxoxox

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