15 signs you are in a fully committed relationship.

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Committed Relationship

  1. You are loyal to one another. No one else is as HOT as your man except…Matt Damon! (A girl can dream)
  2. You either live together, you exchanged keys or he/she has a drawer.
  3. You say “I love you”. He replies “I love you more” and you say it often.
  4. You run on the same holiday or vacation time schedule. You split your holiday vacation between his family and yours.
  5. His friends/family call you when they can’t reach him…
  6. You value (and understand) the need for “date nights” and for “alone time”.
  7. You find yourself babysitting nieces and nephews and you love it.
  8. You surprise each other with your favorite foods and will often have it waiting for each other when they get home. A note on the fridge will say: “Open!” to his/her favorite dessert, snack or dinner.
  9. You grin at the table after dinner and ask: “Do I have something in my teeth?” and he helps you pick it out.
  10. You go for a number 1 or a number 2 with the door open. Ha! So romantic!
  11. You prefer staying home in your onesies enjoying each others company. Going out just doesn’t seem as appealing as it once was while watching a movie with popcorn and candy…Now you’re talking!
  12. Your friends/families know that sharing a secret with one of you means telling both of you.
  13. You have a morning, evening and weekend routine. He wakes up and leaves the house early during the week.He kisses you goodbye and wishes you a great day every morning. You take your time and start your day later. On weekends, you wake up to coffee and run your errands together.
  14. Silent moments are no longer awkward.
  15. You have a “couple sleeping position” in bed. He spoons you or you fall asleep on his chest.

These are only a few signs of a fully committed relationship. Don’t let yourself constantly wonder if you are in one. Commitment means dedication to one another and happens naturally. Just make sure you are playing your part fully and expect nothing less in return. These signs develop in time. If you can’t relate to any of these signs, then you are not in a fully committed relationship. You should probably have a heart to heart conversation with your partner to establish what you really want. It is better to be said in the open then to bundle it up inside.

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